Friday, April 20, 2007

Great Day Of Golf!

I went out and enjoyed the beautiful weather today! Dr. Stacey Noel, Joel Moore, and I played in the Children's Home of Paragould Charity Golf Tournament. We did not play a spectacular game, but we still had a great time! These are the same guys that I go to Talladega with... so you know we had a good time! Below are a few pictures from today. The weather could not have been any better.... Sunshine... breezy... 70s. PERFECT!

The first picture is the event tent. The second picture is Stacey putting on 18. The last picture is the greatest golfer on Earth... (I kid, I kid!)

Hopefully you got to enjoy the weather, too. If not, go outside tomorrow!!!


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Anonymous said...

Dude,that golf shot of yours looked like mole killer to me! what was your score that day?---------------signed anonemouse