Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Way To Go Dad!

Dad has not been on the blog lately, so I thought I would show off the turkey he killed today. I have not made time to go hunting lately, but maybe I'll get to go deer hunting or duck hunting in a few months. Does anyone have a good blind for me next season? How about a blind for Dad too?

Speaking of Dad... Do you think I'll look like this handsome fella in few years? Probably so...

Take care,

PS- I get to go home on time tonight! No severe weather.... AWESOME!


Jenn said...

Dad would want everyone to know that he would never wear those white shoes to go hunting.

This was a "reenactment" photo, and he forgot to change into his boots when he put his cammo back on.

I don't know about how much you'll end up looking like Dad, but your mannerisms often remind me of him.

You've got the same way of standing with one foot tipped out and a hand on your hip that he does. An old picture of our great-grandfather shows him doing the same thing, so it must run in the family.

Come home soon, and we'll eat some turkey!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bob Snell a big hunter man? He ought to be able to at least point you to a nice duck blind.