Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And We Have Andrea....

As I said in my earlier post, the National Media will go nuts when the storm gets named. They did not go as crazy as I thought they would, but I think it is because it caught them off guard. When I say "them", I am talking about the"newsies", not the meteorologists. This did come three weeks before the "official" start of the season.
The networks have some good weather folks that are on top of things. (They have bad ones too.) The "newsies" are the ones sensationalize the situation. That's just my opinion.
Anywho, we have Subtropical Storm Andrea three weeks before the"official" start to Hurricane Season. We'll talk on air about it tonight on the news.
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nana & poppy said...

Let the tropical games begin!! Boy it's nice to know that we are getting out before hurricane season begins. Another bad one predicted for this year. Pray they are wrong!! Hurricanes are no fun. Will tornadoes be any better?

Jason H said...

They said it was going to be above normal last year too. It was in fact below normal. They are just tring to take a guess, and that is all it is a "guess".Even I could take a guess and maybe get just as close or closer than "The smart guys". This doesn't mean it is going to be very bad. I'm not saying it couldn't, because it very well could be. I just can't believe they try to guess at how many storms will happen. Only one person knows that.

I do believe this could be one of the many effects of global warming. Hurricane season could get longer, if the temps,keep warming. JMO