Sunday, May 06, 2007

By Request...

I had a friend request that I post this clip on the blog... so here it is. We desperately need new chairs on the news desk. Maybe we'll get some new ones after this episode. The gas shocks are going OUT! Watch as we come back from the commercial... My chair drops about 4 inches! It made a loud noise, but I don't think it picked up on the mics. Anywho... here's the clip:



Diane J. said...

I missed that one, but I did notice that you put your hands in your pockets to keep from pointing when you kicked off the news at 10 pm Sunday night. ;D

Andrew said...

That was funny but you guys are always good for atleast 1 good laugh a week.

I noticed the hands in the pockets when you said NIGHTBEAT STARTS NOW.

Even the Mrs. noticed it and said POOR Ryan he looks lost.