Saturday, May 19, 2007

No Race... So I'm Taking Pictures

I don't have the SPEED channel, so I have to miss the race tonight. BOOOO!!!

But, I did step outside with the boys to snap this cool picture. Venus and the Moon paired nicely this evening for a picture! If you step outside this evening, you can catch it too! Below is a sky chart from
When the weather is boring (like this week), I like to look above the Tropopause for stuff!

Have a great night!

EDIT: I just took one more.... It's darker now.


Heidi said...

Ryan, there are people who would pay millions of dollars for a painting like that second photo you posted. And to think, these same folks could just step outside every once in a while and have a look for free! :D

Mom said...


Brian Tritch said...

I saw that, I thought it looked odd but didn't think much about it. I noticed it right at dark and then again around 10. I had no clue what it was though. Thanks for the explanation, GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Speed channel is available from PLWC Digital Services channel 141. The digital package is about $12 more than the regular package. Check it out