Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What is a Blog?

I started thinking tonight (or this morning)... what is a blog? Is this a window to the world of what is going on in my brain? Is it a forum to express my views? Is it a place to talk more geeky about weather than I do on-air? I'm not sure...

Here's what Wikipedia says about a blog.... click here. I've been doing this blog for a long time. When it first started, most people had not heard of a blog. This particular blog started back in 2004 when I was at WSFA. As you can see from the first entry, there is no structure to the blog and it never was intended to have structure... click here for first entry.

I have never let management dictate what is said in here, but I try not to get in trouble either! It has always been a constant flow of whatever is on my mind. Just ask my former and present bosses!

Too many blogs (that have popped up recently) are structured. They have agendas, rules, and guidelines. They almost need a new name... but, I'm not sure what to call them????

Where am I getting with this? I don't know.... I'm just rambling and need to go to sleep!

Take care,

PS- The sod is down!!! Pictures coming soon! ALSO, a behind the scenes look at WSFA's new Storm Center! Stay tuned!


nana & poppy said...

I'm just glad that you have this blog, because it allows, for those of us, who are far away to see pictures of family and to keep up with what if going on. So don't stop:)

Anonymous said...

I see said WSFA's new storm center :)

Andrew said...

I too agree that the new breed of blogs are pointed more in the direction of someone making a few bucks a year with Google ads. More and more blogs are getting cluttered with ads and sponsors with are dictating witch direction the blog should point.
Maybe we can call the new breed of blogs "CLOGS" and I have a new bottle of Liquid-Plumr you can try.