Monday, June 25, 2007

She Got Hitched...

As some of you know, Meteorologist Sarah Tipton got married this weekend. My wife and I went to the wedding and it was awesome! The reception was at "Tipton Farm" and was nicely done with lots of great food!

If you know me, you know I like food. One of the items there had everyone's attention. Everyone knew it was something wrapped in bacon and everyone knew it was good. We just had no idea what was inside! It was a date! I've never been a big fan of dates, but it was awesome!

Who am I kidding... you can wrap a grasshopper in some bacon and I'd eat it! Anywho, I have no pictures to share, but maybe Sarah will email me a few to post on here.

Take care... Bring on more rain!


Homer Simpson said...


Anonymous said...

And that would be REAL bacon, not the dreaded turkey bacon!!!!!

Heidi said...

I want to hear about that candle again. I saw you with it there at the news desk, but I didn't catch the story about it. All my husband could recite for me was something about it having been in some way involved with the wedding, and was left in a car. (He was engrossed in fantasy baseball during news time and was only half-way paying attention!) You ought to post a picture of the candle though! :D