Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 Years Together

My wife and I have been married for 8 years today. I can honestly say that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and was strategically put in my life by God to make me a better person! She's the best wife and mother to my boys!

We do not have much planned today. In fact, I'm sitting at work right now. This morning, I mowed the grass. I have a doozy of a story about that, too! I'll share that later today....

Anywho, we celebrated last Friday. We let the boys stay at Poppy and Nana's while we went out to eat and to a movie. We did not see just any movie... We saw a classic! The Forum in downtown Jonesboro occasionally shows old movies at a cheap price. Only $5 a person! Jenn and I decided to go catch Mr. Deeds Goes To Town. It was filmed in 1936!!! Adam Sandler was in a remake of it a few years back. It was was called Mr. Deeds, I believe. In any case, seeing the old movie made for an awesome date. Have you seen the 1936 classic? If so, wasn't the "pixilated part" hilarious!!!

Well, I have a meeting with my new General Manager in 13 minutes. I better sign off of here. Wish me luck! LOL (Don't worry, I'm not in trouble... I hope)



Graciejo said...

8 years ago today was the hottest day ever. We ran out of punch, a lady showed up with a harp that was never hired, some tuxedo's didn't have all the pieces, the florist was late and your car was wrapped in about 100 layers of Saran Wrap. It was a beautiful wedding, everyone was smiling at your happiness, and we still are. You two are a wonderful, special couple, blessed with wonderful little boys. It is my blessing to be Graciejo. I love you all! Happy Anniversary. It's still yet to be that hot again.

Jason H said...

Congrats. I really don't know how she has done it this long.j/k ;-) I will be married 9 years in September. The funny thing is... I picked late September, thinking it would be nice, cool, and pretty weather. Well, September, 26, 1998, it was 95! 1998 was a very hot summer.

nana & poppy said...

We have been blessed with a son-in-love for 8 wonderful years. Awsome things have happened and a few crazy ones too!!. Your wife having two surgeries in less that a week, all the moves you guys have made, your baptism, and many other things. Two really special things and they are Shadwick and George.(we had a blast Fri. night) We have been so blessed by this marriage, and even before you were married. Have a wondeful day!:)

Heidi said...

Congratulations to you both! Nice run-down of the wedding details, Graciejo - at least the uninvited musician wasn't a one-man-band complete with bass drum and concertina! ... Also, I had to laugh, as, notice how The Weather Guy picked a wedding date with NO RAIN! Nice going! :-D

Vicki Lemonds said...

Happy anniversary!

Hey, those of us in our house just love the new general manager. :) I cheered during his Consider This bit on the junk people forward in email.

Mom said...

8 YEARS AGO...how the years seem to fly by..just maybe thatlady who showed up with her harp was an angel to bless the wedding.
I could not have been more proud that day to see how happy you both
were to be getting married.
Love, Mom