Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bring On a Pop-Up Storm!

My grass and my flowers are cheering with me! We want a piece of that "20% Chance" today!!! That reminds me... I will post about "percentages" later today, as requested in the comments section.

Anywho, the clouds are bubbling up and it is only 10:30 am. Who will get the rain???? We'll see... I hope it is ME!


Wander said...

My grandson and I are rooting that YOU get that 20% piece of the rain action, we want to go swimming.
It's not looking good our way though, it's no longer sunny but dark like early evening. It will probably blow over us because some of our thunderstorms are just that, all thunder and no rain...lol We seem to be in a pocket that will get rain all around us while we might get a sprinkle or two.

nana & poppy said...

more rain means more grass to cut. poppy needs a rest. your yard is still beautiful.

No Neck Nick said...

I am jealous of your perfect lawn.

You can be jealous that I got a good soaking rain today. (on my less-than-perfect lawn)