Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Close One, WSFA!

Checkout these pictures from Steve Kohn at WSFA in Alabama. You can see the WSFA tower on the left and the nearby radio tower taking the strike. These two pictures are one in the same, just cropped differently. In the first pic, that's the WSFA tower being missed, the nearby radio tower being hit. The radio tower is indeed shorter than WSFA's, but it's much taller than it appears in this pic. In this shot, the WSFA tower is about 3 miles away, the radio tower about 4 miles away.

Thanks to Steve Kohn and Morris Pollock for the pictures and information!
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Brian Tritch said...

Don't those towers such as that, I don't know if you know about radio or not but you should be able to answer part of my question anyway, but don't those towers such as both of those at KAIT, KSFA, AND whatever radio station that was, Don't they have a lightning protection where a lightning strike will not knock them off the air or hurt their equipment or am I wrong there?

Ryan said...

Yes, but nothing is guarenteed!