Monday, July 16, 2007

Cool Links

Who Should You Vote For? from "How Sweet It Is"
Danica Patrick Is Rude!?!?! from Big Joe On The Go
Passwords Stink from Geoff Fox
Rob's Baby from "Rob's Radar"
Old School TV on Spencer's Blog

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James' Mom said...

Re: Who should you vote for?
I first answered all the questions without giving any one weight over the others, and I got Ron Paul(R).
Then, I went back and decided which of the questions were most important to me, checked health care, and I got Bill Richardson(D).

Re: Danica...
I think people like her should certainly do all they can to show they appreciate the fans, but people should also cut them some slack, especially right after a race or any time that their attention needs to be focused on their work, family, health, etc.