Monday, July 23, 2007

Miracle Whip Wins!

Miracle Whip wins! I love Miracle Whip! In fact, I would love to have a big, fried bologna sandwich with Miracle Whip and cheese right now! HA!

Be on the lookout for a new survey. Also, thanks for posting in the comments section. I love hearing from you guys... Somtimes, it is pretty funny!

Coming soon... New Survey, pictures from the water balloon fight today, and pictures from the lake this weekend. Stay tuned!



Stacy said...

I think you rigged the Mayo/MW survey :)

Hilarious survey you have up now!!!

Hey, can I hijack your blog for a sec and ask all your readers who like to vote to consider voting for my kids at ? Click on "Vote for photos" then "AL" and then find those 4 cute kids of mine that have a photo titled "My Brothers and Sisters Are Cow-Tagious"

If this beg for votes is inappropriate, feel free to reject the comment! :) I promise not to have my feelings hurt!! I just want some FREE CHIKIN!

And Ryan, you should totally get your kids' pictures into this contest...I'd love to see you come in second behind us! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am sure if you had a bologna sandwich it would be turkey bologna, right???

You must stay heart healthy!!

I don't think, even Miracle Whip could make a fried bologna sandwich taste good.

Heidi Farrar, disgruntled mayo fan said...

Hey Ryan, how about if you rub it in a little. BOOOO!!!! :-D

Spencer D. said...

How can Craig Rickert be beating the Fonz...Come Onnnnnn!

Ryan said...

That's what I was wondering Spencer! Craig must be voting from every computer in the newsroom!

Emily said...


I am from Blytheville, AR. Origiannally from Trumann. I watch KAIT everyday for my news. Also, I check your blog to see what is happening.