Monday, July 09, 2007

Time for Change?

This is my 782nd post on my blog. Nothing special. No benchmark. No anniversary... Just an observation.

I need to change it up a little. Some of the links need to be changed. Some of the links need to be removed, but some need to stay.

What needs to be added? What needs to go! I'll check the comments in a few days and make some changes. Can you believe that I have been blogging since 2004. That's a long time.

Anywho, I'm all ears. Comment away...



graciejo said...

Ok you asked so here it goes,
time for a new background....
more of the boys of coarse...
Other than that your blog is part of my dailey routine. I enjoy it greatley. Oh, and always read the commnets, I love what other folks have to say.
A little controversy might be good every now and then.
Anyway keep up the good work, I'd miss ya if it weren't here.

Heidi, LIVE! from the Hill Country said...

KAIT behind-the-scenes gossip would surely up your ratings. For instance, and hypothetically speaking of course, you could tell heart-wrenching tales about certain un-named K-8ers who have life-consuming Mentos addictions, or, you could rage about another un-named fellow co-worker who always arranges their car outside the designated parking-space lines in the K-8 lot! We would share your outrage at that, I'm sure. Or, you could forget all of that and simply post your blogs using the Cyrllic Alphabet from time to time. That would definitely raise some eyebrows, but would no doubt be cause for celebration for your readers in Bulgaria.

A little trivia now and then might be fun too. :-D

Stacy said...

Hey now, I'm OK with you leaving everything just as it is. I've never freshened up the look of my blog and I'd hate to start feeling guilty about it!

And definitely don't get rid of that "SWEET" blog over there in your links! (seriously! half my readers come linked from here!!! thnx 4 that!)

James' Mom said...

How about some "This Day In Weather History" stories when there's something interesting to tell. And not the kind of events we may know about, but little known, freak of nature stuff.

More cool/pretty viewer photographs. Maybe even a contest or something.

A bold your forcasts to the next day's hard data, and give us the stats. Just do it for a week. It'll be fun.

More cowbell. Definately more cowbell.

Jason H said...

This may sound weird, but I would like some contest about the weather. For instance, When will we get our first snow,how much will we get this winter, how much rain will we get in August ?, ect... Just something I would like, I don't know about everyone else ???

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan! I like your stuff just like it is. I learn something new everytime I check in. I especially like the cool pictures. I check out other blogs you have listed. Please keep 'How Sweet it Is', I've made a good friend there. (Hi Stacy)

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...