Monday, August 06, 2007

It's HOT!

It is HOT outside! By the afternoon, most places will have a heat index over 100! This map shows the current heat index. If you are reading this in the afternoon hours, it is probably impressive!

Let me share something with you guys. I DO NOT control the weather!!! I can't make it cool off. I can't make it rain. If I could, I would.

I don't mind when people joke around with me about it, but I'm starting to think some people are serious. Argh!

Anywho, I am going to take some days off this week. We're not going anywhere. I just don't want to leave the house when it is this hot! Actually, I'll probably try to find a sprinkler or pool... Enough of that for now, I still have 2 more days of work.

Stay cool!


Heidi Farrar: Victim of the Heat Index said...

So you don't control the weather? You did NOT just say that?! ... 8-O *Faints*
That's it - I'm calling the station; angry, angry phone calls await. Could have crushed us a little more softly there, "weather guy." What kind of circus are they running in Jonesboro anyhow?
But before I do, um, I want to double check one thing... I mean ... You are still able to predict the future, right??


Ryan said...

I can still predict the future. Anyone want to make some sports bets?

Graciejo said...

What's the Lewie prediction?