Saturday, August 18, 2007

Motorcycles and Green Tomato Relish!

We took the boys out to the the NEA Clinic DARE TO RIDE this morning! I have never seen so many motorcycles in my life. There were HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them! As you can see, the boys were dressed in their Harley Davidson shirts!

In other news... Have you ever had Green Tomato Relish? If not, I may have to post the recipe on here. My wife and father-in-law spent the day canning Green Tomato Relish. I'm not helping, but I am in the office right now enjoying the aroma!

The sprinklers are still going at my house, but a good chunk of the viewing area got some rain today! Did any of you take pictures of the rain falling? If so, feel free to email me at . I'd like to see them!

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Umm,yum,yum. what a savory vision.

Heidi is a relish monster said...

Green tomato relish is so awesome... Oh I bet you'd get lots of traffic on the weather watcher blog if you were giving away jars of that, too! :D

Ryan said...

Shoooooot! That stuff took to long to amke and was too expensive to give away! Nice try though ;)

nana & poppy said...

Sarurday was a special day. Poppy and Jenn made history. This was their first try at green tomato relish. They were so excited. I myself, am not a fan, but I know 2 people who are. All the vegetables were hand cranked. With a little help from other family members from other cities, I think the relish was a big success. It sure looked good.(might have to give it a try)