Friday, August 17, 2007

Not Good...

It would be nice if Hurricane Dean just died and went away, but that does not appear to be an option. It's still several days away from making landfall, so the track it likely to change a few times.
Some poeple wonder why we would track this storm from Jonesboro, AR. There are two reasons. First, it may impact our weather next week if it makes landfall in SE Texas or Louisiana. Secondly, this may be a HUGE national news story if it takes the path that the GFDL computer model is showing this morning! If you click on the image, look at the legend, and look at the map... the GFDL has a Cat 5 Hurricane hitting Galveston/Houston area by mid-week. That would not be good.
Keep it tuned to the K8 StormTEAM and we'll keep you posted on Dean, The Weather Machine.
PS- WREX in Rockford has a cool posting about Dean and gas prices. I found the Google Earth image of the oil drills VERY cool. Click here to read their post...


Heidi: my lawn has become brown and crunchy said...

I really fear for this country if another Big One hits our shores any time soon. :-/

Lets hope it dies down to about a Cat. 1 and makes landfall around High Island, TX, similar to the way Rita did. Then we'd get some rain in AR, at least. ... as long as it doesn't decide to hang out as a depression over AR for a few days, that is.

Why is it that these things have to be so compliacted?? There's always a "yeah, but..."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shared link to Rockford Ryan,Think our lil blogger up in northlands sees what we all know....any travel anticipation, is an automatic excuse procedure for a gas hike!

It's gonna be one nasty storm said...

It shows on alot of maps Dean could land as far north as La. and as far south as old Mexico. A cat. five direct hit on Houston would be just as bad if not worse than Katrina.:-0.

I love the cloudy/windy/rainy days that the remnants of hurricanes leave, when they comes over or by us.