Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Enough Is Enough

As you may already know, I am sick and tired of BAD service. According to my wife and several friends, one of the restaurants that I have written about in the past screwed up again on Sunday.

As you may recall, we have constantly had slow service, dirty tables, overflowing trash cans, dirty playgrounds, etc at this restaurant. When I visit the locations (of the same fast food chain) in Jonesboro, I have had no problems! I bet some of you can guess the restaurant.... again!

This weekend it got even worse! THERE WERE NO TRAYS!!!

My wife took the boys there on Sunday evening to eat. As some of you know, keeping up with 2 boys while you get your food is hard enough... especially when one them has a broken arm! Try to carry your food and drinks with no tray and keeping up with two boys! I'm sure it is not easy!!! At least she had a lot of time to develop a plan.... It took 10 minutes to get her food!

There is no excuse for bad service. I have a friend that owns the McDonald's restaurants in Prattville, AL. When they were busy, he went in to work with the employees. When things went bad, he got it fixed. Was there ever bad service at his restaurants??? Sure... but MOST of the time, we had good service. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

Anywho, I know that I am not alone. Here are some of the "Customer Comment" websites to file your own complaints:

Burger King
Applebees (I had a BAD experience in AL at this place!!!)

If you want me to add any other restaurants, feel free to state that in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO!! Bravo!! Someone with enough gumption to speak the truth!

Crazy Lady said...

I'm going to change the subject and take the opportunity to gripe about grocery and big block stores having only 2 out of 10 check-outs open regardless of how many customers are waiting in line!!! ARRRGH!

Okay, I feel better now.

I even have a suggestion that should be sent to whoever the head wallyworld honcho is out there in Arkansas.....Put the only 2 or 3 checkouts you actually use at the end of the frozen/refrigerated aisles so that my freakin Moose Tracks ice cream will have half a chance at staying frozen.
Thank You.

The Ozark Wal-Mart shopper said...

mmmmm, moose tracks ice cream

Anonymous said...

The problem with the restaurants is,there are kids running them. You have managers the same age as the employees and all their worried about doing is talking and cutting up. They go to work to play and socialize instead of doing their jobs.

Brian Tritch said...

Need to add the Paragould KFC/PIZZA HUT TO THE LIST! I've been in there TWICE this week and they're the worlds worst, Flies Everywhere, Supposed to be pizza hut express, Three hours NO PIZZA WHATSOEVER, No Food On The Bar, Nasty Tables, Etc. it's gone way down hill here, Might add it to the list as well...

Heidi says EEWWWW!!! said...

Ryan, it just occurred to me ... if this is the way they run their restaurant from an opperational standpoint, imagine what is going on behind-the-scenes that isn't necessarily as obvious ... how is the food being stored/cared for? Are the employees washing their hands and/or practicing the proper food safety techniques? These are the kinds of questions - the unknowns - serving as the exclamation point that would keep me from going back. *Shudder*

Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

My Heavens!!! Doesnt Arkansas have a Govn checker for Public food consumption???
Maybe this blog needs be sent to Little Rock!! HELLOOOOOOO LITTLE ROCK!!!!

The Wade's said...

We still have major problems at the Applebee's in P'ville!!!I quit going there a LONG time ago.

Some things never change.