Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Made It!

I hit my goal. To anyone that runs, the goal was not that impressive, but for my first run ever... I'm happy. I finished in 39:58.

We ran under the "corporate" team, so did not get to race in the "competitive" bunch. That did not mean much to me since I was not planning on winning anything! I was a little upset that I did not have a number though... I guess next time I will not race on the "corporate" team. You live and learn.

I learned that I need to work on my pacing and breathing. I was too fast at the start of the race, which made me too slow at the end of the race. The hills at the start of the race did not help much either! They felt like the Rocky Mountains!

Anywho, Nana took some pictures and I will post them whenever she emails them to me OR I save them on my jump drive. Stay tuned!

I also have some pictures from the ASU game tonight that I might share and a picture of my Dad's Halloween costume. Stay tuned for all of that!



James' Mom said...

*proud of you*

Heidi & Rick :D said...

Nice going in finishing under your target-time! ... However, we're sad that they didn't give you a number! :( That's cruelty! :( :( :(