Saturday, December 08, 2007

11:00 AM Frustrations!

Here's a surface map showing the 11:00 am observations. I added the temperatures in case you can't read the surface obs. Look how close the warm air is! It's suppose to be moving North, but it's taking its sweet time!

All indications still point to a warm up and I am still expecting 60s for Jonesboro by midnight. We'll see....

Some areas may hit 70 by tomorrow afternoon. That's hard to believe if you step outside right now. It's close though... They have mid 60s in Memphis right now!

Still Waiting,


Heidi said...

It's been between 41-44 degrees all day here so far, with a variable layer of fog. It looked like the fog was beginning to lift at around 11:00. We drove to Ash Flat (Wal-Mart day!) and the closer we got, the thicker the fog was. It actually isn't that bad -- It's almost more like the fog is just closer to the ground in some spots, and in others it is pretty thick up around the tree tops (if that makes any sense??). Anyway, it's still foggy now, so I think I'll go see if there might be a photo op out there somewhere.

Jason H said...

Man, is it gonna get nasty in C. Missouri or what!?! Some places could get over an inch of nothing but ice.

Remember they hade a huge ice storm last year around the Springfield area.