Thursday, December 06, 2007

5 Years Ago...

Five years ago to the day, my wife and I entered the world of parenthood. We were scared, young, broke, and had no idea how to take care of a kid (at least I didn't!) We had spent the previous evening at the Jonesboro Christmas Parade and had walked all around downtown in the cold weather. Everyone said that walking would speed the process along! We went home to Paragould and then returned back to Jonesboro later that night... Apparently the walking worked! Shad was born the next morning.

Tonight, we were back at the Jonesboro Christmas Parade (above picture). We are now the parents of TWO boys and have almost mastered parenthood! I'm sure there are many more obstacles ahead, but I'm sure it is nothing that we can't handle. I'm just amazed that it has been 5 years.

I'm a blessed man with a great family. I would not change a thing in my life.

Have a great night,



Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful Picture You Paint!
Looks like Christmas is yours year round!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it really HAS been 5 years!
Time really flies by when you have children and you get to feel just like a kid again at play and feel the wonder of it all again when you see everyday things through their eyes.
Children are such good companions for us older folks in that way!
Love, Mom/Meemaw