Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Quick Post

I'm going to come back and discuss more on all of these topics, but here's something else to read. It involves the Enterprise, AL tornado. Click here.

As some of you may remember, I was sent back to WSFA to give Rich and Rob some rest following the tornado. The images of Enterprise High School will always be sketched into my mind....


PS- Birthday party for one of my boys today! WoOHoO!!!


Stefanie said...

Hi Ryan! I remember that horrible day in Enterprise. It was a very sad day. Also remember you coming back to Bama to help out. Speaking of Bama, How 'bout those Prattville Lions! We are on our way back to Birmingham for the state championship game Saturday! Go Lions! Let's make it 2 in a row!

Heidi said...

Thanks for posting the official report on the Enterprise event, Ryan. I was just reading the Jarrell, TX NOAA assessment earlier this week, and now I can start on this one. Rick and I watched the Enterprise coverage on the live-stream that day. It was tough to watch, since at that point the Enterprise tornado had the most prominant radar signature we'd seen (this was prior to Greensburg, of course). It was one of those things where we just knew that what we were seeing was going to be the national news headline that evening - Your friends at WSFA deserved the rest after that.

Birthday parties are awesome, especially if there is ice cream cake. :D