Thursday, December 27, 2007

No More Spica!

I mentioned yesterday that we no longer have the body cast on my youngest son! He's is now in a leg cast, which is SOOOO much better!

There are so many things that are "almost" back to normal. For one, he can bend his body! This means he can sit at the table and eat chocolate again (see below) and he can wear pants! For 6 weeks, he has been wearing oversized shorts and boxer shorts. Today, he is wearing his own pants again!! WoOHoO

He is walking around and there is really nothing we can do to slow him down. I did clean off his old John Deere tractor walker to help him out. This is the riding toy/walker that he used to learn how to walk with a few years ago...
He's doing great! Only 4 more weeks and he will be cast free! Let me take this time to talk about how awesome Dr. Schecter has been to my boys and our entire family. We are very fortunate to have an orthopedic surgeon as good as him in this area. If you EVER need an orthopedic surgeon, I strongly recommend him. Dr. Schecter and his staff are top notch.

While I am on this subject, Arkansas Methodist Medical Center was awesome through the entire experience, too. From the ER, to the OR, to the hospital room... Everything has impressed me. We've had both boys at AMMC this year for broken bones and if I broke a bone tonight... I would go straight there to see Dr. Schecter.

I don't give the "stamp of approval" out too often, but everyone that has helped us at AMMC deserves it!

Have a great night. I need to go to bed!



Stefanie said...

I'm so glad the little man is doing much better! It's good to have some good news! He will still be in our thoughts and prayers!
Happy New Year!

Heidi said...

Great news about the fall of the Spica cast. Are you still using the wagon or is that not necessary anymore?