Friday, January 04, 2008

First Bath in 7 Weeks!

OK, we have given him a sponge bath, but this was my youngest son's first "real" bath since he broke his leg! As you can see, it was a glorious day!

We surprisingly got the leg cast off today and he is cast-free! He has to be REALLY careful for the next few weeks, but I think he'll be just fine. He was a little wild when he got out of the Spica Cast, but he has calmed down lately.

He has had some great healing and is in the final stretch of this challenge. He's still a little sore from being in the cast, but he should be walking again soon. Thanks again for all of your prayers over the past 7 weeks!



Janet said...

Who knew little boys could enjoy taking a bath so much! What a precious photo.

To help you feel that he will be fine in the years to come; my husband is 57 and when he was 7, a tomb stone fell on him and broke both legs. He was playing ball in the small church cemetery, and grabbed at one headstone for the base. It tumbled off onto him. He was in a Spica cast as well (don't know for sure if that is what they were called way back when!) as well as pins and rods in his legs for several months. He does not have any sort of limp or any problems today. Hopefully your son will be back at 100% as well.

As my mother-in-law would say, boys will be boys, and then there are the ones that God gave me!

Meemaw said...

Wonderfully happy smiley-faced boy;
and this photo is a real keeper for real sure!
I JUST LOVE IT that the cast came off early!
Love, Meemaw

The Farrars say hurray! said...

Well there is the news of the year so far! How cool that the Vaughans are now a cast-free family once again! :D