Thursday, January 31, 2008

For The Snow Lovers...

For those of you that are fishing for some rediculus snowfall totals, check out this computer model data. This is the latest NAM output, showing the possible snowfall totals using the Kuchera algorithm.

I'm still not sold on anything like this! Take these totals and divide it in half. That would be closer to my forecast at this point. I'm still a little gun shy after the last "winter" event.

Regardless of totals, it is interesting to note the SHARP drop-off from "major snowfall" to "nothing". That could be a real possiblity.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

It is snowing like crazy in Newport at 0209; sure hope we get enough to say we got some. The kids really don't want to go to school this morning and I would prefer that they stay home also.

Hope everyone gets however much snow they want. Stay safe!!

Heidi says Yippy Skippy! :D said...


I love the water vapor image! :D :D :D

Oh, and the NAM isn't the only one showing ridiculous amounts. GFS is a little "better" (that's what I'm calling it!) WRF is a little less but I am not complaining because ... I LOVE THE WATER VAPOR!!!!!