Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In Case You Wonder About These Things....

Please don't assume that the "2 degree above average" is Global Warming. That would be a false assumption.

I did find it odd that we ended the year above average. We sure were dry during the growing season! I guess we played a good game of catch-up.

Anywho, hopefully this year will be a great weather year!



Jason H said...

The weather events I recall the most about this year was....

1. The hard late killing freeze we had in the Spring.

2. The super hot temps in August.

There sure wasn't very many storms this year.

Anonymous said...

Think we will ever get any snow in Jonesboro this year?

Ryan said...

Jason... I agree. There were not many storms, but don't forget the Dumas tornado. Nationally, the Greensburg tornado was the biggest weather story.

Anonymous, we are only three weeks into the Winter season. It will snow within the next month.

Jason H said...

Nationally there are a few that come to mind...

1.Enterprise Tornado

2.Greensburg Tornado

3.Hot temps in August

4.Spring Freeze

5.Hurricane Season...Lack there of.

Maybe we can list 10 popular weather events of 07' and vote on the top 5.:-)

Debbie Downer said...

Just read an article in the Farmer's Almanac that claims years ending in eight have crazy weather.

Heidi says brrrrrr said...

I like Jason's idea for a poll!

The storm of the year for us (western Region-8) was probably the one on the same days as Enterprise ... (That's also the day I made my KAIT photo debut, with a shot of pea-soup mammatus at sunrise.)

It was amazing and also very sad to see the effects of the freeze this year. A friend of ours has a blueberry farm nearby and had a 100% crop failure. It's one thing when you hear or see headlines like "crops devestated" but another when you know the farmers and/or have visited their orchards/fields.

If you're going to do a poll, Ryan, another couple of events to consider would be the fires in CA and the windstorm/flooding in the Pacific NW ... Oh, and what about the huge lake effect snowfall in the northern NY/VT area?!