Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not That Bad

So far, there have been no severe weather reports in our area. We have just had some heavy rain and it has been windy. The wind advisory will continue through the evening and MUCH colder air is coming in.

Right now (1:25 PM) , it is 30 in Fayetteville and 70 in Little Rock! That's a cold front!

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Heidi - I have dirt in my eyes! said...

This is some intense wind! Since the front got here (it's 44 degrees now from a high of 73!) we've had some gusts that had to have been over 40 MPH. I've gotten pretty used to what the low-30s are like while I'm taking measurements, so that's my estimate since I was inside at the time! Lots of branches down! The power flickered at least once too!

Anonymous said...

Our weather station at Cross County High School in Cherry Valley recorded a wind gust of 55mph today.