Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NWS Conference Call

We just got off of a conference call with the NWS in Memphis and they are very impressed with this system. In fact, they are forecasting 6+" of snow in the extreme northern parts of Arkansas. Here in Jonesboro, they are going to go with about 4" of snow and sleet. South of Jonesboro, the accumulations drop off quickly.

I'm going to look at the situation a little closer and post another update soon, but I wanted you to know the thoughts of the NWS.

They will be issuing a Winter Storm Warning for Jonesboro and a Heavy Snow Warning for places north of Jonesboro. Our crawl system isn't even programed to take in Heavy Snow Warnings!!!

I have a news meeting to go to... Our official forecast will be out soon.



Heidi has bread and milk said...

Sounds like a perfect time to break out the abominable snowman.


Matt said...

Wow. Are you expecting this to move in early Thursday morning or when?

Anonymous said...

Oh No!!! I`m gonna have to send the dust bunnys "after you!
Tell me its an allusion-this snow image.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Ryan,
NO WAY!!!! This can't be true. LOL. I think the NWS is just trying to get people to use your Bread and Milk Barometer. LOL. Are you going to put the Bread and Milk Barometer up on the Weather segment tonight? I am just totally sick now because we are just Southeast of Jonesboro, and we ain't gonna get nothing but a flake or two. I'm going to go and have a talk with Punxatoney Phil. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours. Yall enjoy that Snow now ya hear? LOL.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

MTWC said...

Darn... I though Arkansas was hotter than Tennessee and you guys might the snow we will miss here in Nashville. (Of course I said the same thing about Alabama and they got up to 5 inches)The last good snow in Jonesboro I was coincidentally in Region 8 for. I was visiting my family in Jonesboro right before Christmas and all the sudden it started snowing. Seems like you all got like 4 or 5 inches then. That drive going back on I-40 wasn't fun for me! Time for you guys to start doing the snow dance!

-Clay in Nashville

Jason H said...

I can't wait to see the bread and milk meter tonight baby!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

And a year ago tomorrow was the big snow that snarled traffic here in Jonesboro. Took 2 hrs 15 min to go from ASU to four miles down Caraway Road--it was crazy!

Vonavie said...

We have confusion in our family about when the snow chance is? Originally I thought is was for tomorrow night. But DH said he hear on the radio that it was starting tonight? So when?? I guess I'll have to watch the news huh?

Well, I have excited kids. I hope they don't get disappointed. We have bread and milk and marshmallows for the hot chocolate after snow play.