Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Accumulations

As we have mentioned several times already, the snow in Jonesboro is not going to add up to much. In fact, we have switched back to rain here at the station and some of the snow is melting. The greatest measurement we had was 3/4 of an inch in Jonesboro. It was coming down hard for a little bit, but quickly tapered off. Other snowfall totals:

3" Franklin, AR
2"Pocahontas, AR
5" Mountain Home
1" Hoxie
0.50" Walnut Ridge
0.50" Knobel
0.50" Campbell, MO

Remember, when you measure snow... measure it on a flat surface. Do not measure in the grass. Some of you have heard forecasts that are talking about much higher amounts. Don't get too excited about that... We are sticking with our forecast that we have had in place at KAIT. There is a chance for some more snow, but it should only produce minor accumulations of 1-2" at best this afternoon and evening.

You can find some pictures by clicking here


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Jeff Towell said...

0 accumulation in Manila. At 1 pm the temp is 33. We got lots of rain. It snowed for about 45 mins.