Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weather Watcher Shots....

Here are some of the pictures Heidi Farrar took as the front was coming through Franklin. Very nice!

And a good shot from Andrew Sloan in College City, AR as the rotating storm passed to his North.


Jason H said...

Nice pics Heidi! It look just the same as it came threw here. I just didn't have the view you had.

The wind was stronger when the front was coming threw than it was during our storm. I had one gust of close to 40 M.P.H.

Heidi said...

After this line passed I was out in our back yard recording the wind gusts with our hand-held anemometer and had them in the 20 MPH range, but I know that the hill behind out house was killing the highest ones, because, I could actually hear trees falling in the woods! It was most likely some old snags (and hopefully they were not across our nature trails - my husband just finished clearing them from OTHER fallen trees!) but it kind of takes you aback when you're out there measuring and hear trees crashing! =-O

- When "real" storm season arrives, I'm going to go down to the farm fields east of the Black River for some photos. As you can see in Andrew's shot - That's a view! :)