Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#1 Drops

Vandy beat Tennessee. That's actually cool with me... Could there now be 3 teams from Tennessee in the Top 10? That would be a first, I believe.


Jason H said...

Yes, they should have all teams in the top ten. I am almost 99% sure it will be the first time. I am a die hard Razorback fan, but I would like to see 3 out of 4 Tennessee teams make the final four. I bet that would be a first too.

On the global warming thing: I believe there is some warming going on, just don't know how much.
Let's see how hot this summer is, then I will make up my mind.:-D

Heidi said...

It would be awesome if the brackets end up being aligned to allow for all three big-time Tennessee programs to make the Final 4.

And Ryan, you have sucessfully outed yourself as a true Vandy fan, because there's no way you could ever accept a Vols loss to them if you weren't. ;) I mean, there's nothing worse for a Vols fan than losing to Vanderbilt, right???