Thursday, February 07, 2008

Behind The Scenes

We have a lot of talented people at KAIT that help keep us running. Most of you never get to see what happens behind the scenes, so I thought it would be cool to show these pictures that were taken by one of our production assistants. Erin McDuff who also owns Duff Studios took a lot of pictures during our six hour severe weather coverage. Here's a look.



Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ryan,
I just want to "THANK" each and everyone of you for what you all do on KAIT8. Even the behind the scenes do a great job. I was watching yall last night at the 6:00p.m. broadcast and the Pack a Pickup Event for today. After seeing all of the devastation, I finally broke down and started crying. I told my hubby that I wanted to do a little something for the people who needed help. We went up to our local Dollar Genera Store last night and we bought some supplies. I will be bringing them to Jonesboro later today. "THANK YOU" KAIT8 for doing this for those in need. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Heidi said...

I think that is an important collection to have, Ryan, by way of documenting the events of 2/5 from another angle. It really captures the magnitude of what was occurring.