Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Glen Is Awesome!


I think we have the best Sports Director in the country! I'm sure many have seen the new Valley View coach "chest bumping" his players... Well, Glen played off of that a little tonight and I made a little video clip!




Wander said...

Ya know, it's stunts like Glen pulled tonight that make the newscasts enjoyable-instead of just a stiff, formal, stuffy newscast and it always cracks us up here when we see and hear y'all cracking up over something funny.

jonathan said...

I would have to agree! We all know there are serious things that happen around but being able to just crack up and laugh at some point during the news... PRICELESS!

Heidi said...

The best part is always how he remains deadpan throughout, no matter the degree or volume of cackling in the rest of the studio. - I still say there should be a weekly comedy show (in addition to the nightly one he does now ;)

Stacy said...

That surprised me and made me LAUGH! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Marini RULES!