Monday, February 04, 2008

Here Come The Chasers

Seeing numerous storm chasers is nothing new to Oklahoma, Texas, or Nebraska. But, I bet we will have numerous chasers in our area on Tuesday! Be on the lookout for cars and trucks with weather instruments on them!

With the help of GPS, I have been watching some chasers getting closer and closer to Region 8. I'm sure we'll see more and more through the next 12 hours. A lot of folks probably do not have their GPS turned on yet. We'll look again tomorrow morning. In case you were wondering, we'll deploy the Wood Ford StormTRACKER tomorrow morning.

This above image is a radar program that we use behind the scenes. It also plots where the chasers (with GPS) are located.

More on the storms tomorrow morning or late tonight. In the meantime, you can click here for some technical info from the NWS in Little Rock. The guys in Little Rock do a great job with their website.



Heidi said...

Very cool. Now I think I'm having second thoughts about not having this set-up too! I never considered the "migration" aspect of this! :D

robertrowland said...

looks like a serious day shaping up. i will be working at ASP HQ in Newport from 2:45p till 10:45p and will have to monitor six region 8 counties. looks like a busy day.

Jason H said...

They put areas from Jonesboro S and SW under a HIGH RISK. I kinda thought they would this morning. Wouldn't be surprised to see all of region 8 under a High Risk by late afternoon. Don't see that much...maybe once a year or so.
Ryan, this thing is slowing down huh ? Looks like the real bad storms will be here around the 2-6 ???

Anonymous said...

I see storm chasers!!! You were right! They have some cool equiptment! They were nice enough to show us their rigs. They said they are gonna hang around Jonesboro with a hunch of luck. I hope they are wrong!!!!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope those storm chasers don't really get to chase any storms, however it is looking like they will have plenty opportunity.

By the way....

I'm sure it is going to be busy, maybe not happy.