Sunday, February 24, 2008

Huckabee & The Race

Two quick things. For those that watched Huckabee on SNL last night. What did you think? I thought he was funny, but I wish he had been in more skits and not just Weekend Update. That's my .02Secondly, I'm talking about NASCAR, not the presidential race! There's a 70% chance of rain today in Fontana, CA! As you can see in the 7:30 AM radar image.... There's rain there now. I'm guessing there will be a rainout. Bummer.

I'm off to church,

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Mom said...

As a fan of SNL since it went on
television very many Saturday night moons ago, I'd say that Huckabee was up there as one of the best politicos ever to grace the famous SNL stage!
I wonder if perhaps having been in politics is good comedy experience?