Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thu, 10:45 AM Update

This is looking good! There is only spotty precip' right now and the temperatures are rising. We're up to 31 in Jonesboro. You can see that the precip' is increasing (10:45 image) to the west a little, but HOPEFULLY we will go above freezing by then... and HOPEFULLY temperatures will not fall again due to evaporative cooling. I have a good feeling right now though! With that said, there are still some slick spots around the region, so be careful.

Look at the radar image at 10:45! I love the void spot over us!!! Can you tell that I can't stand ice!



Heidi said...

No school (!) and good thing, too, because out road is pretty much solid ice. We got a good bit of sleet after the initial freezing rain, so it doesn't appear that we'll be facing power outage issues ... unless we end up getting more freezing rain, of course. :-/

Jason H said...

It does look good! What about this evening ?

Jeff Towell said...

Here in Manila it is just now starting to rain. It is a high of 38 here. This is the first rain we had out of this system. Nothing last night.

Jeff Towell

Brian T said...

What about tonight? The Weather Channel is calling for freezing rain and a quarter of an inch of ice tonight..? What's your thoughts?