Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thu, 8:00 PM Update

Storms continue to move in this direction. As you can see, the SPC has issued a mesoscale discussion regarding the thunder freezing rain. You can read it by clicking here.

The above radar image was taken at 7:45 or so. You can see the severe thunderstorm warning that was issued for Conway and Faulkner counties and it's all heading this way. The glazing will greatly increase in parts of Region 8 shortly. It's 30 degrees in Batesville, where the bulk of the rain is heading... That's not good.

Other area temperatures:

Jonesboro 31
Paragould 31
Newport 30
Walnut Ridge 30

More updates to come,


Jason H said...

Ryan, I thought I had seen Thunderstorm warnings/Lightning/Hail/Freezing Rain/Sleet for the first and only time a week ago. Now we will see it twice in less than a week !!!

This year has been something else so far...NO telling what the weather headline of the year will be... snow in May ? 90 in November ?

Heidi said...

I just got a call from a fellow weather geek who lives down near the Little Rock airport in Jacksonville; he was without power & had been having thunder & lightning for a little while; temp. there had dropped to 30! I had been away from the computer all evening, and so I pulled up GR3 only to discover this mess! Severe thunderstorm warnings, too, DBZ approaching 70 in some places! Right now I'm filling our washing machine with water in case we lose power (people with well water have to resort to these kinds of things at times! ;)