Saturday, March 15, 2008

12:40 AM Update


Diane J. said...

I live in the Bay city limits off Hwy. 158. We had pea to marble size hail covering the ground at about 1:15 am. I tried to take some pictures but it was raining so hard that the flash on my camera caught the raindrops and distorted the images.

Keep up the good work! Hope your voice is better soon. Maybe the second round won't be severe and you won't have to be on air later...

Thanks for staying up late to make sure we're informed, Ryan.

Diane Jennings
Bay, Arkansas

Stacy said...

That's a doozie!

I was gonna comment about all these late night posts but I just realized I'm up even later being all Central time zone and everything...

Y'all be careful tonight and don't send us anything scary!

Blessings my weather friend!