Monday, March 03, 2008

2:00 PM Update

Heavy rain continues to fall across Region 8. We had our conference call with the NWS this morning and we are all "prett much" on the same page. Heavy rain and possible flooding will be our main concern today and early this evening. Later tonight and tomorrow morning, wintry weather will start to become an issue. Our NW counties could still pick up 3-5" of snow, BUT places closer to Joensboro may not see as much. In Jonesboro, I still think the most we could see is a dusting to a half inch. The above image is a screen capture of KAIT right now! ;)

Here's what we are watching. The surface low pressure is going to track just to our south, giving us heavy rain through the evening. The severe weather will stay to our South.

As the cold air moves in and the associated "upper-level" love moves overhead, we should see a round of snow for parts of the area in the morning. The National Weather Service in Little Rock always does an awesome job making special web pages and graphics for events like this... Below is a graphic from their site and you can click here to read what they have to say... As of 2:00 PM the "upper-level" low is back in Texas giving them some snow. You can see how this is a two part system, if you look at the current SatRad... Here's the position of the "upper-level" low tomorrow morning as depicted by the NAM. If you notice, it will be right on top of us! This should be an intersting forecast. Stay tuned. Have a great day!


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