Friday, March 21, 2008

Clay and Randolph County

I toured the flooding of Clay and Randolph County today in the Wood Ford StormTRACKER. The below picture is the water coming over Highway 67. While I always advise people to not drive over a flooded road, the road crew was watching the situation closely and allowed us to cross. A 78-year-old man said that he has never seen the water this high and he has lived there his entire life!
Here's a look at Overlook Park. I ran into Region 8 Weather Watcher, Jason Hampton, while I looked over the flood waters...
As you drive down Highway 67, it looks like a large muddy bay! It was wild. At times, it looks like this on both sides of the road!
The flooding in this area will be the worst we have seen in decades!



Heidi said...

Wow. I've been wondering how Jason H. is doing over in Randolph Co.

The footage Keith Boles got yesterday from the air was really affecting. I don't think I have seen U.S. flooding images like that since the early '90s when the Mississippi flooded so badly ... or maybe Grand Forks in the late '90s. That's really astounding.

The Strawberry River is back to normal levels up here, but there is a LOT of damage left over, to bridges, roads, fences and pasture.

Jason H said...

Glad I got to meet you Ryan. I was also glad you got to see what my son is calling "Waterworld".:-)