Sunday, March 23, 2008

Exclusive GCT Video

Here's some EXCLUSIVE video to the bLoG! This video is from Greene County Tech during last Tuesday's storm. Paragould received the worst damage from the storms. As we previously mentioned, NWS survey crews ruled that NO tornadoes touched down in Region 8. This video backs up their findings.

This is video surveillance from GCT as the storm rolled through the campus. There are several things that you should notice in this video:
  • Watch the people run into the building!
  • Watch the wall cloud enter into the right side of the screen.
  • Look on the horizon at the football field lights. When the winds kick up, one of them goes DOWN! That was one of the BIG stadium lights! Look closely at 16:59:10
  • Watch the wall cloud fall apart as the storm weakens, but there is still some leftover "swirling" on the left side of the screen.

I want to thank principle, Michael Todd, for giving me this video! He stopped me in church today and told me about it.... needless to say, I wanted a copy ASAP.

Mr. Todd is also a weather enthusiast. He and I chat about the latest model data, severe wx, and snow forecasts. He knows his stuff!

I'm going to try to show this on-air, too. We'll see if I can load it into the edit ting system tomorrow.

Take care,

PS- In case anybody was wondering, we were on-air the entire time this storm was going through Paragould.


Anonymous said...

Whooooooo-eeeeee those were some mean looking clouds!! Thanks for sharing the view......

Jason H said...

Don't see much of a wall cloud. I guess you could say it was one.

Ryan said...

I guess you could say a "lowering" of the cloud...