Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flooding Update, 2:00 PM

I'm not sure how much I will be updating the blog this afternoon, but here's an update at 2:00 PM. Below is the radar image at 2:00 PM. Some heavy storms are moving into our western counties. Also, a little line is moving out of Jackson County toward Jonesboro. Some of these storms could be strong.

This next image is a the amount of rain that has fallen so far. If you notice, 3-4" has already fallen in our Northwestern counties AND the runoff from Missouri is aggravating the situation. The Spring River is already out of it's banks in Hardy and Mammoth Spring and a lot more rain is set to fall this evening.
Meteorologist Sarah Tipton will be on Flood Patrol in the Wood Ford StormTRACKER. We hope to have her live on the Spring River this evening. It all depends on the wind and lightning! Lightning= No live shot. We don't like putting a tall mast up in the sky when there is lightning!

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