Monday, March 31, 2008

Still WAY Out There...

The big storms are still well out to the west right now. This radar image is from 2:25 PM and it shows the storms just now entering the NW corner of Arkansas. It's been pretty active in SW Missouri and Oklahoma already today. So far, there have been 3 tornado reports. I believe these storms will weaken a little before they arrive, but we'll still track the storms until they leave Region 8.
One last thing to note... Look at all of the chasers out there! These are just the chasers that have GPS, too. Traffic jams around tornadoes? Not fun... You may have to click the picture for a larger image to see the markers for the chasers.
Take care,


Heidi said...

0Z-6Z concerns me a bit for the western counties in the viewing area.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking to us during those strong storms like you have been. Even to us adults, it is comforting to hear a calm voice keeping us informed.

jerry said...

When will we see an extended period
of warmer, dry weather? The farmers need to get into the fields.

Brian Tritch said...

Yes, The regular programming might be important to some but for others, WX coverage is more important, Especially to the places that have been hit before such as Stone and Sharp Counties.. All three of you guys (and gal) do a wonderful job with the severe WX coverage, By all means, It's much more important than a sitcom etc. Keep up the good work over there and keep us all informed of what's going on..