Thursday, April 03, 2008

8:15 PM Update

Hot Springs is about to get thumped. Radar indicates that there could be 3" hail with the storm! I'm glad my car is not down there right now!
So far, Region 8 has been spared. There are still a lot of storms to come through though. It appears that the tornado threat is going down, but the hail and wind threat will continue. The SPC agrees and they plan on issuing a Severe Thunderstorm Watch instead of a Tornado Watch for the overnight hours. I'll still be here watching it though!

Take care,

PS- I may have some funny pictures for you later....


Anonymous said...

It looks like Hot Springs is getting slammed. Please post the funny pictures, we need some humor instead of all this dreadful weather.

Heidi said...

Funny how as soon as the mod. risk and tornado watch are dropped, the first tornado warnings of the day start popping up! (Okay, NOT funny... but you better put up the funny pictures now that you've teased us! :D )