Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bedtime & 7 Days Out

The storms are gone and it's time to go to sleep. It's 1:00 AM...ugh. On a related note, the weather looks very active, 7 days out. There's your 7 day warning! I'll be posting more about that later. Scroll down, past all of the weather stuff... I have some important posts that you may have missed from earlier. LOL

Good night,


Heidi says NOOOOOO!!!! said...

RYAN!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping you'd think the long-range models were way off, and that I was just over anxious!

Our neighbors are getting married May 3rd - OF ALL DAYS - and yes, it's supposed to be an outdoor event! Rick and I are the photgraphers! As soon as I found out the date, my palms started sweating -- it's bad enough having the "stress" of doing the wedding photography, but when I heard it was May 3rd, I just imagined us there in 77 degree-heat under towering cumulus at @ 2 in the afternoon with a moderate risk! =-O
How's that for a distraction?!

Heidi has calmed down for now said...

I'm feeling a lot better about Saturday now. It's amazing what 36 hrs or so of model runs can do to a person! =D

Anonymous said...

How is Friday looking now?