Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Tee Ball Game!

I took the night off for our FIRST Tee Ball game! Here's a short video clip the summarizes the evening. My boy is #2, but the video clip also includes some of his good friends.

I really want to do a weathercast LIVE at a little league game this year. Hopefully the bosses will let me go live from Bland Park one day. We'll see...

Have a great night!


graciejo said...

Thank you thank you thank you. What a way to start my morning. My co workers thought I had lost my mind sitting at my desk "almost" yelling "Run Shad run, and then way to go boy! And laughing out loud.
And just how adorable is he in that uniform.....yes I can say it I'm the grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ryan, Thank You,Thank You, for sharing your wee ones activities with your readers....I`m with grandma, What A Delightful Way to Start the Day!
It refreshed some long ago saved memories ..and what a beautiful journey it was.....
The world needs to see family interactions...and the joy links.

Heidi - lol! said...

Hilarious! :-D There are a couple of those that should be showing up on the Region-8 Sports highlight reel! Great composure as the cinematographer, too -- I would have lost it when the kid took off running to second with the bat!

Mom/Meemaw said...

Thank you X 3 from Meemaw, too!!!
Well, dogies, it seems like we
older gals may have to take up
cheerleading there's
a wonderful reason to do that, don't you think?
The UPS man watched this video and says that after they hit the ball
off the "T" that helmets have to be worn and that's a comfort to me and the other grownups.
YAY-RAH Team!!! Love,Meemaw