Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rob Hatchell Promoted

Listen up Alabama readers... It's been posted on a few blogs and message boards, so I guess I should post something here, too. Rob Hatchell (the meteorologist that took my place at WSFA) has been promoted! Rob will be transferring to WMBF in Myrtle Beach, SC in June to be their Chief Meteorologist.

This news can also be connected to us at KAIT. Rob will be working for our former General Manager, Ted Fortenberry ("Consider This" guy). Ted and I spoke a few times about Rob. I told him that Rob would be a good fit and apparently he agreed.

The hunt is now on for a new meteorologist for "Today In Alabama" at WSFA. I'm sure that Raycom Media will find a great match for the show! I have a few folks that I think would be good fit. I'll keep you posted!

For you WSFA viewers (about 50% of my readers...), shoot Rob an email to congratulate him...

Take care,


Stefanie said...

Well, another good one gone! I wish Rob and his family all the best! It seems everyone that comes through WSFA gets promoted up to CM...:)

Anonymous said...

WOW, I haven't heard anything about this. Funny, we get more info from you about what is going on here than from our own local people. I hate to see him go! He is such a great weather guy. But, I wish him and his family all the best!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
Do you have an update on the teenage girl you mentioned that has the tumor on her brain stem?

Too bad about Rob leaving us.

Beth Johnson
Montgomery, Al

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stefanie....I guess WSFA is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things....Good luck to him and his family....If Rich Thomas ever leaves we need to get you back and "CHIEF".