Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Severe Studios

I'm highly impressed with the website At this time, they have some chasers near a large rotating storm near Forth Worth. Check their site for more on that particular storm. This group of chasers have already had a tornado or two on their live chase cams today. Here are some images of the Fort Worth Storm at 7:45:

This first image shows the rotation:

This next image is the "reflectivity" OR the image that you would typically see on TV:
This next image is VIL or Vertically Integrated Liquid. It shows us where we can find hail. It looks like this storm has large hail with it!
I'm glad we are not getting these storms!



Heidi said...

This was a tiresome arm-chair chase day! 10 tornados, 186 hail & 46 wind reports!

Time to rest up for tomorrow's Kansas wedge-fest. :-/ Lets keep 'em in the wheat fields!

BradT said...

Me and the wife are down in Texas for the rest of the week and we got into Fort Worth about 7:30 last night. The rain was just phenomenal causing some street flooding in areas. Heavy lighting and hail in areas as well. Was quite a storm.