Thursday, April 24, 2008

Working On The Truck...

This is what I was doing between the 6:00 and 10:00 news this evening. Here's the full story... I changed my front brake pads on my truck about 2 months ago, but I started hearing a "grinding" noise again this week. So, today I took off one of the front rotors to get it turned.

When I put everything back together, I drove around the neighborhood and everything seemed fine. However, when I drove to work this afternoon, there was a loud vibration at 60+ mph. Instead of being late to work, I drove on... I decided that I really needed my truck fixed ASAP, so I ran home between shows, changed clothes, and tackled the problem. Apparently, I left a nut loose. Behind the dust cover, there is a nut that holds the bearing, seal, and rotor onto the spindle. I guess I was in a hurry this afternoon and did not tighten it enough OR I backed it out too much to get the cotter pin back in... Who knows.
It's fixed now and that's what matters. I was done in plenty of time and was back to work shortly after 8:00. I learned a few tips, which is good news.... because I have to do the other side on Saturday. I'll double-check the nut this time!

I'm still glad that I drive my old truck. It's been around since Jenn and I got married! It may need a little TLC every now and then, but it gets good gas mileage, drives well, has a cold AC, and has been paid off for years! I think I may keep it around another 10 years or so! LOL

Take care,


blondie said...

I'm thankful everything turned out alright and nothing came apart before you got it fixed correctly! Hang on to your truck as long as possible......we had our car for 13 years and finally traded it in. I wish we had kept it to this day. It was a great car! There's something to be said about a reliable vehicle that is paid for, isn't there?

graciejo said...

I can only imagine the miles that little truck has on it. I even have fond memories of driving Shad and I home from the hospital after Georgie was born in it. And oh my goodness, let's don't forget the huge snake it wrangled in your back yard, lol.