Friday, May 02, 2008

Busy Day

Jeff Phillips took this picture of a tornado in Gilmore, AR:
Roy Eldridge snapped this shot in Marked Tree looking back toward Rivervale:
Stan Hattle took a picture of this trunk dropping near Lepanto:
And one more from the Lepanto area from Tammy Betts:

Today was a little busier than I expected! Here are some of the many, many tornado pictures that we got today. You'll see more pictures tonight on the news. I'm still a little busy, but more information will come later tonight.
I may post a video montage of the day also. We'll see how motivated I am... :)


Anonymous said...

Looking at all the damage was a huge reminder of what all of us in Manila went through in 1998. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those that were affected by todays storms!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys did a GREAT job keeping us informed. It makes me feel alot safer knowing you guys have our backs. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Tell Chris he needs to start wearing his hair like it look today, he looked hot.!!!!

Wander said...

All I can say is THANK YOU!
I use to get so irritated when y'all would do the wall-to-wall weather coverage. My attitude about that changed a couple of years ago one December Sunday evening when Ron Smiley was still with y'all. Independence County was under a tornado warning, I was home alone with no transportation to get to a safe place. Ron's calm and soothing voice was a comfort as I had my TV up full blast, cowered in a hall way, covered by a mattress, wearing one of my Hubby's construction hard hats, hunkered down for what ever fate may be. That was my turning point. Saying thank you doesn't seem enough for your tireless effort and commitment to keeping us safe.
You guys & gal are the best!
P.S. Thanks for letting me share that with you.

Anonymous said...

please be motivated... Would love to see some more video!