Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Hate Dislike Deer!

It finally happened. Each night, I drive through the county roads on my way home and on most nights I see raccoons, opossums, and deer. Tonight, some stupid deer decided to run in front of my truck!

Now I have a busted grill, a loose bumper, and my hood is not lining up with my fender. It looks like I need to meet with my insurance agent (and friend) tomorrow and I probably need to run by the body shop.

I did discover something new tonight... Did you know that you should call the police when you mow over a deer? It's true... I filled out my first "Animal Collision Report" tonight.

Anywho... I'm finally home.

Dumb deer....

Have a good night,


Charles L. said...

My dad hit a deer twice in the samw week. The first one he hit, it collided with the front bumper, then the second hit the passenger side door a couple days later. My dad just had rotten luck that week. Sorry about your truck.

Anonymous said...

A little dangerous living eh?
Thankful you were not injured!
Lucky Guy, or should that term be
revised to Blessed?

Wes said...

I like deer. Especially with some fried potatoes & biscuits!! Yum Yum

Kathleen said...

If you were still living in Tennessee, you could have taken it home for supper!

Cuz Kathleen

Brian Tritch said...

I knew that you had to make a report for that, Personally I've never had to do it but I did know it had to be done, Usually IF it kills the deer you get the option of taking it home or they have a list of people that want them theyu usually call...Did it kill the deer? Did you get that option? Just curious..Hate It Happened, Good Thing You Were in the K8 StormTRACKER though..

Ryan said...

I was not in the StormTRACKER. I was in my truck.

I did not keep the deer, but the officer may have called someone.

Benjamin H said...


Just be glad you don't have them as plentiful or as big as up here in Michigan!

It's always good to get a police report filed, for insurance purposes. You also better pray that you have deer hair or blood on your car! :)

Keep up the good work and watch the side of the road!


Anonymous said...

I think you need to find a new route for going home.

Hundreds of people are killed every year from injuries suffered from hitting deer.

Please be careful!!!

Garrett, Maddie, & Gavins Mommy said...

I just seen this blog and I had to respond. Last week, May 3, my family and I were leaving The Crowley's Ridge Races and as I was driving I seen little shinning eyes up ahead so I slowed down and it was a great thing I did!!! There were 4 deer crossing the road, I can only imagine what that would have done to my little 4 door car!
Well have to go watch The News!!!